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Work Policy

GDX2 Design Studio Work Policy is subject to changes. Contact us for any additional inquiries.

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Our Services

. Logo Creation
. QR code creation

. Flyers / Postcards
. Business Cards
. Posters
. Banners

. Magnets
. Menus
. E-mail blast (Newsletters, Invitations etc.)

. Magazine Adds
. Vinyl Lettering
. T-Shirt design

. Custom Design
. Creation & developing
. Updates
. RSS feeds creation
. Dynamic CSS
. Flash Presentations
. PFD creation & uploading
. PayPal
. Photo Gallery

. Portfolios
. Facebook
. Optimization
. Re-design
. Shopping carts
. PayPal & Google Checkout integration




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GDx2 Design Studio remains with the property of all designs and samples, in accordance with the laws of intellectual property. Total or partial reproduction, copy, alteration, use, or distribution of our designs, samples, web sites content, logos, or any images are strictly prohibited, without our deliberate authorization and will be sanctioned by the law.

Copy of any GDx2 web site designs or content using any "suction software" is strictly prohibited and will be illicit and considered as a counterfeit.

Work policy:
1.For graphic jobs,  whole payment must be received before printing. For web site packages, payment arrangement are 75% to start and 25% with the finished website. For small packages the total amount must be recieved to start the job. Free samples are offered upon request.
3.Domain Name, DNS, and Hosting will be bought on the next business day that payment is received and will be registered under clients information upon request. Domain name activation takes 48 hours (time is subject to hosting servers). As soon as it is activated, an intro with contact information will be uploaded to the web site while we work on the construction. Client will be provided with a link to follow the web site progress to guarantee our ethic work and accept their suggestions.
4.Website conclusion estimated time is 20 office days. Time will depend on the volume of the web site and how fast clients provide the information to continue normal developing work.
5.Website will be available on the Internet with client approval.
6.If information is not received within 1 month, domain name and hosting will be expired.
7.Samples will be sent with watermark, it can NOT be printed, altered, duplicated or used for any purpose, private or by a company.
8.To protect integrity and functionality of web sites we will NOT share any confidential information (user name, passwords , ftp, etc)
9.For privacy policy, GDx2 does not sell, rent or share any client information with third parties.
10.To guarantee web functionality, updates will only be made by GDX2. Text updates are included in the annual payment for regular size websites (up to 4 sections). Information must be provided by e-mail or on microsoft word. Design or images update will be subject to estimate. Updates are up to the client’s needs. Monthly arrangements can be provided for frequent website updates.
11.GDx2 websites are not editable templates or transferable. We do not disclose any confidential information (ftp, user name, passwords, etc) or design files.
12.After a year, the domain name and hosting must to be renewed. Prices are subject to change.
13.Hosting Server annual payment price includes Domain name, Internet hosting and a basic update. Hosting Server's prices may vary each year.
14.Annual renewal payment must be effective 20 days prior to the expiration date  to prevent any downtime or issues with the servers.
15.With our service cancellation the web site will be "removed permanently" off  the Internet. Domain Name will remain as a client property and can be transferred. We do not give out any files or confidential data.
16. For Expired Domain Names to be recovered there is a $100 fee.
17. Paid updates may be extended or delayed for a maximum time of 2 weeks to provide information. If client is unresponsive, at the end of those two weeks client must pay for a new update.
18.Domain Name transfers will be effective within 15 days. Timing is up to the server.
19.Other restrictions may apply.
20. GDX2 reserves it’s work rights & service termination with a fore warning.
21. GDx2 reserves the rights to update this Policy, Terms and Conditions when considered appropriate.
22. GDx2 web services doesn't include web advertising. GDx2 may work with Advertising companies. This additional work will be made by our staff and will be considered an update. Client must pay for the update. GDx2 will not disclose any confidential information with these companies (user name, passwords, ftp, etc)

Send your confirmation of understanding & agreeing with our Work Policy, Term & Conditions and extra fees

Extra fees

- Update will be estimated and the price will be adjusted to the work that it involves.
-$100 each additional section or tab.
-$100 on location photo shoot.
-$100 to reactivate expired hosting and domain name.
-$15 re-size graphics.
-PayPal payments have a 3% additional fee to the price + 50¢ per transaction.
-$25 for any additional mailboxes.
-Other charges may apply, which will be included in the respective estimate.